3/24 Great work Scholars!

Science-Trace Fossils

-Fossilized imprint of an organism’s
tracks (foot prints), trails, burrows, or
nests with eggs
-Are the most common fossil because an
organism can make thousands of
prints, but leaves behind only one body
-Footprints can give information about
animal speed, length of stride, bone
structure, stalking behavior, and more

ELA-Feel free to use descriptive words in your poetry. I listed a fill in the blank poem below.


SENSORY DETAILS – Complete the chart using examples of the senses associated with the season of spring.

Spring is a season with ________________ and __________________. Spring causes me to ________________________ and __________________. Spring days are ____________________________ and __________________. Spring nights are ___________________________ and _________________. Spring looks like ______________________________.

Spring smells like ________________________________. Spring sounds like _____________________________. Spring, a season for _______________________.

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