5/12 Science

How was soil formed from rocks?

5/12 ELA

The motivational quote for your blog today is above.

5/11 ELA

Listen to the video of the 3 year old poet. How do you think the speaker feels about the poem?

5/11 Science

After you watch the video above, write a paragraph describing soil.

5/7 ELA

Below are some vocabulary words for today’s assignment.

Commence (verb): to begin

Dainty (adjective): delicately small and pretty

Prosperous (adjective): having success and wealth


5/7 Science

Watch the video to view an example of erosion.

5/6 ELA

Find a quiet place to read for 20 minutes.

5/6 Science

According to the video, how was the Grand Canyon formed?

5/5 ELA

Are you struggling with your journal entries? If so, I attached a video to help you get started.

5/5 Science

Give some examples of weathering in your community.
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