3/25 Science

Lesson 5 (Graphic Organizer)

Support a Point (The author makes this specific point in the text)



The author gives these supporting reasons




3/24 Great work Scholars!

Science-Trace Fossils

-Fossilized imprint of an organism’s
tracks (foot prints), trails, burrows, or
nests with eggs
-Are the most common fossil because an
organism can make thousands of
prints, but leaves behind only one body
-Footprints can give information about
animal speed, length of stride, bone
structure, stalking behavior, and more

ELA-Feel free to use descriptive words in your poetry. I listed a fill in the blank poem below.


SENSORY DETAILS – Complete the chart using examples of the senses associated with the season of spring.

Spring is a season with ________________ and __________________. Spring causes me to ________________________ and __________________. Spring days are ____________________________ and __________________. Spring nights are ___________________________ and _________________. Spring looks like ______________________________.

Spring smells like ________________________________. Spring sounds like _____________________________. Spring, a season for _______________________.

3/23 Pandemic of 2020

Journal Entry Assignment


Ask yourself the questions below:

K W H L What I Already KNOW?
What do I WANT to Know?
HOW do I Plan to Learn More?
What did I LEARN?

What is the name of the virus?

Where did it originate?

How many people have died?

How many countries are now involved?

Every day include how you family is navigating through this.


Fossils https://gpb.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/ess05.sci.ess.earthsys.lp_funfossils/fun-with-fossils/#.Xnk1MXdFw2w

Online work 3/16 to 3/20

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